Can I grow a mix of veggies, herbs, flowering plants on my Easygro Stele?

For best results, its most ideal to grow leafy vegetables on a separate Easygro Stele the one used and your fruiting & flowering plants on another. Leafy vegetables like the lettuce & the spinach require nitrogen in higher quantities, while the fruiting & flowering plants require higher amounts of Phosphorous & Potassium during their flowering/ fruiting stages. For best results, it is better to grow one type at a time or have them grow on separate Easygro Stele modules.

Does my Easygro Stele require maintenance?

A minimal maintenance is recommended. Though the built-in intelligence in your Easygro Stele will monitor and alert you for your attention, its recommended to personally check for water+nutrient levels and circulation.

Keep the reservoir clean & free from dirt & impurities. It is recommended that the reservoir be completely flushed & cleaned between refill.

Check around the Pump for any blockages.

Remove dead or decayed leaves

Its ideal to maintain the water-nutrient mix in the reservoir at 25-30C. A wooden planter box or a mat around the reservoir will help in avoiding the direct sunlight on it.

Check for veggies that are ready for harvest.

Some plants may have to be replaced after harvest.

Replace plants every 34 months for best yields.

What is my monthly operating cost?

Your Easygro Stele will require three things on a regular basis: Gromin plant nutrients, Water & electricity. Your monthly operating costs will be in the range of Rs. 150300 per month. If you do not have access to RO water, cost of bottled water may be additional.

Can I transplant a plant from soil onto my easygro Stele ?

Plants in your Easygro Stele grows in a highly hygiene environment and any contaminant can impact your plant growth. We discourage transplanting any plant from soil into your easygro Stele, for the simple reason that your plants could be carrying soil-borne infections that can spread to the rest of your plants.

Can I use seeds other than SEEDPEGS?

Yes. Any good quality seed can be used in your Easygro Gropods. Once the cocopeat discs in your Gropods expand, make a small hole with a blunt pencil, to a depth of not more than 10 to 15mm. Drop couple of seeds into the hole and close it loose. Germinate them on your Grotrays before you transfer them onto your Easygro Stele. You can browse for an assortment of veggies, fruit & flower seeds in the respective section

When & how much nutrients do I need to add?

Each Gromin plant nutrient tablet pack has been formulated for one full reservoir. Each time you refill the reservoir with 60 litres of pure drinking water, you will have to add the five tablets that is provided in a pack. Throughly dissolve the five tablets from the pack in a clean container of lukewarm water. Add this mix to the reservoir along with the 60 litres of pure drinking water. Do not add more or less than the recommended dosage. This will lead to plant stress and effect its growth.

Are the Gromin plant nutrients organic?

Gromin nutrients are not organic, since anything organic requires a bacteria assisted process. This is possible only in a soil based cultivation, where the microorganisms in the soil break up the organic matter in the form the plant requires.

Gromin plant nutrients are natural, since they have exactly the same chemical form nutrient that are present in the soil. Plants cannot absorb these nutrients if they don’t have these specific forms and hence, Gromin nutrients are indeed natural. They are exactly the same molecules that are found in soil. Your Easygro Stele gardening is just a form of manipulation in which plants are given an amount of these nutrients that fits their needs optimally. It differs from their natural conditions in that the growth conditions are better. The plant gets all it’s nutrients in the same form it gets them from the soil without requiring to break up the organic matter or fight the pathological microorganisms.

Gromin plant nutrients are blended from natural, earth minerals of high purity, to enable superior plant growth and enhance nutrient quotient in your veggies & fruits.

Do I need to add any special nutrients in my Easygro Stele?

Plants in your Easygro Stele grow in a soilless environment. Hence all the nutrients that the plant requires, and that are otherwise available for them in soil, need to be fed in a form, that can be easily absorbed by the plants. The nutrient is the basis of your Easygro Stele gardening. Along with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, that the plants obtain from air and water, they need thirteen basic mineral elements to thrive. Even the absence or reduction of one mineral can adversely effect plant growth. ‘GROMIN’ plant nutrients are exclusively prepared using naturally occurring minerals in its purest form and optimised to help plants grow healthy in a soilless environment.

Why is it healthier to grow veggies on my Easygro Stele?

When you grow your veggies on your Easygro Stele, you know for sure that your veggies are lot more fresher, healthier & pesticide free, unlike the ones that you buy. It is a proven fact that hydroponically grown veggies are crispier, healthier and pesticides free.

You have mentioned that my Easygro Stele is soilless! How do plants grow without soil?

Easygro Stele is based on the concept of low-pressure Aeroponics: a process of growing plants in an air or mist environment, and, without soil. Nutrient & oxygen-enriched water soaks a patented water-retention mat: ’Nutrimat’, suspended in a light-proof, aeration chamber. Plants grow out of small ‘gropods’ that are placed into the numerous pockets provided on either side of the chamber. The nutrient enriched atmosphere around the Nutrimat feeds the roots with the rich nutrients and enriched oxygen, resulting in incredibly healthy plants and nutritious fruits, flowers & vegetables.