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Design My Garden

Tap into the rich experience of the easygro team, that consists of landscape & product designers, horticulturists, and engineers to help design your garden or your urban farm. With the right mix of creative minds and engineering experts, easygro can turn your dreams into a reality.

Care My Garden

Easygro’s ‘care my garden’ program is devised for enthusiasts, who expect a ‘hand-hold’’ may be essential from our team of experts . an annual enrolment with our assistance program enables you to seek the guidance of our experts, to help you grow your favorite plants the best way & to understand that subtle tweaking that may be necessary to suit your local water & weather conditions

Board My Garden

Fret no more about your garden holding back your travel plans. you can entrust your garden into the delicate hands of our trained experts, who will take care of them the way you do. And, what more, your garden will be pruned, manicured and nurtured, while you peacefully enjoy your trip.

Our Mission

Our aim is to reflect as closely as possible the styling, decoration and colour palette of the client’s home so that there is a strong visual relationship between the inside and outside spaces.

Our Vision

From the very beginning, our focus has been attention to detail, professionalism, and superior customer service in all that we do.


Working Process

Contact our office for a free quote! It is always good to have a rough idea on your budget at this stage to enable us to quote as necessary.



Before working, we always advise our customers about the options for customers to refer


Design & Work

We will look into your garden and give you an idea of ​​how it will work.


Complete & Maintenance

Your loved garden will be warranted by us within 1 year of completion.

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