Experience Easygro

easygro earnestly attempts to green these grey spaces with a range of smart gardening systems for your outdoor & indoor spaces, and in the process, attempting to create a healthy environment around you!


easy fix

be it our innovative ‘snap-lock’ system on the grostile or the lego style stacking system in the grostele, we have ensured that your whole experience of unboxing and installation is a breeze! every easygro product is intuitively designed and simplified, to help you get with your garden in a jiffy!

easy grow

easygro’s plants' nurturing system is based on an innovative combination of a nutrient film and soak & drain techniques. Water is the prime media that transmits the nutrients to the plants and in combination with enriched oxygen, enables plants to grow very well and to produce healthy and incredibly nutritious fruits, flowers & vegetables.

easygro’s patented ‘diverter’ design further ensures that every plant in the system is enriched with the recirculating, nutrient-rich water and; in the event of any short power failures, helps maintain adequate moisture in the planters.



easy care

at the heart of every easygro product is an efficient, recycling, hydroponic system that eliminating the pains associated with maintaining a regular garden and when coupled to an easygro ‘grosmart’ controller*, ensures that your plants are promptly fertigated for once, your garden is not gonna dampen your weekend travel plans!

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