much more for much less !

Occupying just tow square feet of your balcony floor, a 6 ft. tall module let’s you grow as much as 72 plants and most interestingly, eliminating the pains associated with maintaining a regular garden.

healthy gardening

There is nothing more healthy & satisfying than picking a fresh lettuce or a tomato right from your balcony. One of the best ways to get your family to eat more salads is to grow your own. Stop depending on vetetables that you are neither sure of its freshness nor its origins nor its price! Stele lets you grow most vegetables, herbs & greens and reassures you the fact that fresh farm produce is attainable.

flexible & portable garden

Stele is moulded from food-grade plastics & designed to be light weight; and with the help of its castor wheels, you can roll it anywhere you like. You could even roll them to your living room for an evening party, and the plants are not gonna complain!

grow anything, almost !

The ultimate, hassle-free gardening system, Stele ensures that your plants grow in the most nutritious environment to produce flowers, vegetables or fruits, that are fresh & healthy & devoid of any pesticides.

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