Is my Easygro Stele cultivation considered organic?

Easygro Stele gardening is not an organic form, but a natural form of growing plants. Gromin nutrients used as plant food are not organic, since anything organic requires bacterial activity to break the organic matter. This is possible only in a soil based cultivation, where the microorganisms in the soil break up the organic matter to the form that the plant can absorb.

Gromin plant nutrients are natural, since they have exactly the same chemical form nutrient that are present in the soil. Plants cannot absorb these nutrients if they don’t have these specific forms and hence, Gromin nutrients are indeed natural. They are the exact same molecules that are found in soil. Your Easygro Stele gardening is just a form of manipulation in which plants are given an amount of these nutrients that fits their needs optimally. It differs from their natural conditions in that the growth conditions are better. The plant gets all it’s nutrients in the same form it gets them from the soil without requiring to break up the organic matter or fight the pathological microorganisms.