I have hardly done gardening in my life! Does my Easygro Stele make it simple?

You don’t have to be a gardening expert. Just the thought is good enough to get you started with your Easygro Stele gardening. Plant the seeds in the gropods in the grotrays. And once they germinate, transfer them into one of the numerous pod pockets. Fill the reservoir with the gromin-enriched water. Plug the Stele to a nearby electrical socket and your garden is ready. Its that simple!

Easygro Stele is a self-sustained system with its own water circulating system. Nutrient enriched water requires to be filled only three to four times a month*, depending on the season & your plant growth. And the best part is that they eliminate all hassles associated with soil based gardening: no tilling, no manuring, no soil-borne insect attacks, no weeding, no dirty hands! You may have to find alternate uses for all your gardening tools!