Do I have to worry about the quality of water that I use in my Easygro Stele?

Yes. Water is the lifeline for the plants in your Easygro Stele. The way our body requires clean & pure water, so do the plants. Hence its very important to use the right quality of water in your Easygro Stele. Simply put, if your water is fit for drinking, it is good for your plants too. Generally, water supplied by your municipalities are treated, but tend to be chlorinated. Chlorine in water can be eliminated by exposing the water to sunlight for couple of days before using it in your Easygro Stele. If your only source of water is from a borewell, it is highly recommended that you use RO filtered water and not the water from your borewell. NEVER use softened water, heavily chlorinated water or very hard water as it may damage your plants.