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create a healthy environment around you

easygro earnestly attempts to green these grey spaces with a range of smart gardening systems for...

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ensuring an healthy environment around you.

urban spaces, with its grey concrete structures and endlessly paved surfaces have literally dwarfed our green garden spaces. Plants beg to thrive in the minuscule soil surfaces that are devoid of any nutrition!

Why Choose Us

Garden Care

Let’s find a plant combination to suit your border

Plant Renovation

Add colour and interest to your spring garden with plant

Seed Supply

We do not have only plants but also seeds suit your style

Watering Graden

Join us for one of our days and find plants for your garden

Heart of the matter : Hydroponics

Stele is based on the concept of a modified version of hydroponics system: an easy and smart gardening process of growing plants in an air or mist environment, without the use of soil.

Water is the prime media that transmits the nutrients to the plants and; in combination with enriched oxygen, enables plants to grow very well and to produce healthy and highly nutritious vegetables, flowers & fruits.

Our engineered nutrimat is made of 100% natural water absorbent material, that has high water retention capacity. Along with the nutrient-rich water circulation system, it ensures that the nutrients are evenly distributed & available to every single plant in the Stele.

It also helps to sustain the moisture levels for a short while, in the eventuality of any power failure.


vertical garden modules that enhance your decor;
with or without your plants!

Grostile vertical garden panels align with each other to form a huge harmonious canvas of three dimensional graphic matrices, transforming your wall into a huge art piece. growing plants on them only seem to be an added advantage!

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your compact, portable garden !

smart, ultra-compact & portable vertical garden system, grostele fits into the smallest of balconies & terrace spaces.

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frame a garden in your living room !

enhance your living room decor with live plants with the elegant easygro 'frame' that incorporates
easygro's patented 'GROSTILE' planter system that enables healthy plants growth with minimal

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vertical landscape modules that enhance your decor: with or without your plants!

your compact, portable garden.


square feet



green your decor with live plants. choose from a range of wooden & coloured frames.

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